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After the "15" period and the "Eleventh Five-Year," the first two years of high growth (average annual growth rate of the seven years up to 18%), due by the international financial crisis, the second half of 2008, China mold industrial growth has obviously slowed down, resulting in full year 2008, total sales and mold growth year on year fall into the single digits, only 9.2% of the total is about 95 billion yuan or so. In 2009, the development of further delay, estimated annual sales of mold can only close to 100 billion yuan, while difficult to break through, basically flat or increased slightly last year. National GDP growth is indisputable 9 Paul 8, it seems Paul is sure of eight, then die Why not reach this level? This is mainly the overall market, not the economy at home and abroad due to mold. National 4 trillion in infrastructure investment mainly for building and livelihood projects and improve people's livelihood such as, GDP increased, but basically did not die demand or increase the effect of increasing delay, cars, home appliances, agricultural machinery and other industrial products for the countryside as well as old The introduction of new policies and measures to GDP also increased, while demand has increased die, but growth is limited. Such as cars, early forecast for this year will exceed 10 million, is now forecasting a breakthrough 12 million, more than 20% more than last year, but the car has not increased so much mold, because mold needs with the most associated with the launch of new models no direct relationship between the car sales due. But anyway, after a year of financial crisis, we withstood the tooling industry a severe test, not the year 2009, negative growth is expected to be achieved, and we also made structural adjustments are not less success, the industry has gathered strength for the future development has laid a good foundation.

Then the world financial crisis more than a year's time, or from a longer period of time, in addition to the quantities of such sales outside the mold, what our industry is also developing features and progress? I think mainly the following points:

A structural adjustment to achieve certain results There are three aspects
this performance: First, Reform and Transformation of the effectiveness of the few state-owned enterprises, in terms of quantity or production and marketing, the only less than 3% of the entire industry, stock, private and foreign-funded enterprises absolute advantage, to further enhance the vitality of the industry; Second, a large, sophisticated, complex, long-life mold as the chief representative of the high-tech in the high proportion has been steadily increasing mold; Third, improving market structures, new industries are widespread attention, such as new energy, medical equipment (apparatus, equipment) in the field, automation, aerospace and other areas of rapid economic mold. History as a vast international market, in addition to traditional markets outside of Europe, America and Southeast Asia, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Middle East and South Africa have started to expand in emerging markets.

Second, overseas Chinese mainland to the transfer of mold growing trend
Overseas mold transfer to the Mainland of China tend to promote the continuous development of the industry and continue to enhance the rapid growth of exports. As the cost advantage of China's mold production continue to exist, so the one hand, foreign investment, as well as tooling procurement, international mold are transferred further to the development of the Mainland of China. Due to international practice, which accelerated our progress.

3, cluster further development of production methods
Far as I know, currently there of different types and various forms of mold City (Park, district, cluster production base) more than 30, more than half of them had a certain scale, the output of the city in 2008 dies had reached 27 billion yuan, of which about 17 billion yuan mold about the size effect has been reflected. Moreover, the development of cluster production, the development of China's mold industry and modern manufacturing services, in order to mold the core of the industry chain to make a significant contribution to the development, its significance is great. The current cluster mode of production continues to grow among the general good shape.

4, further shortening the production cycle mold, mold prices continue to fall

This mold manufacturer is indeed a very people causing the pressure, but mold users, this is the result.
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Recent Developments Of China Die & Mould Industry Overview And Trends - Mold - Machine Tool

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Recent Developments Of China Die & Mould Industry Overview And Trends - Mold - Machine Tool

This article was published on 2011/01/14