Move out molds!

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Molds are one of nature's most powerful specimens. When you look at them, they seem harmless and lifeless but did you know that they eat anything they grow on? If you see a mold formation in the corner of your tiled wall, then it is breeding and feeding on an organic matter within the area. Molds reproduce with spores and they multiply very quickly from cell to cell, they are everywhere and it is impossible to entirely get rid of them since they can also travel through air. The spores will attach themselves to anything damp and moist and they feed on materials such as wood, cloth and anything organic- plastic is not one of them. Once a mold has affixed itself to a possible breeding ground, it will grow and eventually outgrow its food, forcing them to move on to another area.

Unfortunately for all of us, molds and spores have found their way into the city and into our one day old bread, kitchens, bathrooms and their favorite thriving place- the basement. Molds breed and feed on environments with the most suitable conditions for them and homes that do not have enough air and sunshine going through is the best choice. The basement is the perfect place for mold formation as it is dark, cold, damp and limited air is available. In relation to the popular saying "Do not burn the entire house to get rid of a mouse", do not demolish your basement to get rid of the mold. The best decision would be to call Maclennan-LSE since they are the number one in ultimate coating system with their newest in waterproofing technology which is the Polyprufe Waterproofing Systems. It is made from Polyurea Polyprufe that protects and seals any basement from water, dampness and tearing. The Polyprufe Systems has not only made it easier for contractors but it has also saved many basements and homes from caving in to the ground.

We cannot rid our surroundings of molds, but we can avoid them by protecting our homes from being their home too.

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Move out molds!

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This article was published on 2010/11/25