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You might not know what your rights as a renter are in regards to a house with black mold. Even though every state is different when it comes to laws about landlords and tenants, on thing every state agrees on is the problem of it. It is a health code violation in any state to rent a house where it is known to contain black mold. You need to call your landlord if you are renting an apartment or home that you think may have an issue of black mold.

You must wait for a reasonable amount of time to pass to let your landlord do something about it, and if nothing happens, you need to call the local health department. They will make a free visit to check if your house has mold in it. If it is discovered that you are living in a home with black mold, then they will contact your landlord and give him so much time to take care of the mold. If nothing is done within that set amount of time, then there will be consequences, such as having that home or apartment condemned.

Exposure of mold especially black one is a very serious matter to the health department. Black mold causes major damage to human's and pet's lungs. If you or your family gets sick because your landlord did not fix the mold situation when he was asked to, then you can probably sue them for medical expenses if you don't have medical insurance or if your medical insurance didn't cover the problem. An attorney that specializes in landlords and tenants will assist you in deciding what steps you should take.

You will have to move out of your black mold home or apartment so that it can be cleaned up. If you are not able to stay one of the landlord's apartment because they are all full, then the landlord will have to help you with hotel costs or help with costs for another apartment. They won't have to cover all of the cost, but they will need to pay the difference if there is any. You will only have to pay rent if they have an apartment for you to live in.

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Mold Homes - How to Treat Mold

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This article was published on 2010/03/30