Flooded with Fungi

in Mold

Mold is a form of fungi that cause quite a problem when it finds its way into your home.  When a home suffers from a flood or massive water damage mold can form all over the place.  These mass amount of mold can cause severe allergies or respiratory problems.  Some people are allergic to small numbers of mold, and with in these type of cases can fall victim to some pretty serious health risks.  There are some molds that have different toxins in them that can be quite harmful to humans and animal even in the event they are not allergic.  There are some studies that show certain types of mold, when in large numbers, can cause neurological problems and possibly even death.

Mold is likely to form in the event of water damaged property.  This mold can cause some serious problems for the home's inhabitants.  The higher the moisture level the more likely mold is to grow and the more that will be present.  This is why water damage causes so much mold in homes that are overcome by floods and the event of broken pipes or other water undertakings.  The good news is that there are experts who can help remove the mold from a water damage victim's home.

Restoration experts have the tools and understanding of how mold works.  They know how and why it grows, and where it's most likely to be found.  They are able to come into your home and begin the removal process.  They can clean the home of mold and other effects of the water damage.  They can be extremely helpful people in an extremely unfortunate time.  Their knowledge leads to our peace of mind.  When one knows there are experts out there who can help in their times of need that helps to make the situation a little more bearable.



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Flooded with Fungi

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This article was published on 2010/10/21